Procedure for Obtaining an Alcoholic Beverage License

1. First contact the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) to inquire if the location meets the minimum guidelines to apply for an alcoholic beverage license.

2. Contact the local State of Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board office to inquire about the application process. The district serving the City of Enterprise is AL ABC Board District office located at 1801 Pioneer Dr., Andalusia. The telephone number is (334) 222-3200.

3. After the initial appointment with the local ABC office, please contact the Chief Revenue Officer to schedule an appointment with the Revenue Department and receive further instructions. To schedule an appointment with the CRO, please call (334) 348-2674.

4. On the day of the Revenue Department’s appointment, the CRO will review the application with the applicant(s) and collect the application fee of $150.00. The CRO will provide the applicant(s) the public notice sign verbiage; a complete copy of the Enterprise Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance, application checklist; and any remaining instructions will be given on the day of the instruction.

5. Once the background checks have been provided to the Revenue Department, the CRO will handle all newspaper advertisements, the drawing of the required map, and required approvals of the Chief of Police and Engineering/Zoning Department.

6. The applicant(s) is responsible for the public notice sign to be posted and returning any required documents by the date given at the appointment. The public notice sign must remain posted until the City Council’s approval.

7. The next business day, following the approval by the City Council, the CRO will forward the approval letter to the applicant(s) and the local AL ABC district office via email. A reminder to remove the public notice sign from the premises and reminder to complete the process with the local AL ABC board district office will also be given after the city council’s approval.

8. The applicant will contact the local AL ABC board district office to complete the process with the AL ABC board. The AL ABC board local district office will issue the actual AL ABC Board License to the applicant(s) once the process is complete.

9. Once the applicant(s) receives the actual license, the applicant(s) must provide a copy of the actual AL ABC Board license to the Revenue Department in order to obtain the alcohol related business license and pay the applicable business license fee. It is the applicant(s) responsibility to provide a copy of the actual AL ABC Board License to the Revenue Department.

10. If applicable to the type of license, liquor tax is to be paid in monthly installments on or before the 20th day of the month following the month in which the sales are made. The Business License office will provide further instructions regarding remittance of liquor tax.

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