The City of Enterprise is an Equal Opportunity Employer
It is the policy of the City of Enterprise to ensure affirmative action in providing equal employment opportunities without regard to race, creed, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, national origin, or political background, except where age or sex is a bona fide occupational qualification.

Applicants with a disability who feel they need accommodation should contact the Human Resources Department on or before the closing date of the announcement.

When to Apply
The City of Enterprise only accepts applications for positions currently being advertised (announced). Generally, job announcements will be posted for a period of ten working days, unless otherwise noted.

The City reserves the right to extend or cancel any position announcement without prior notice. Certain announcements may be posted with an open closing date, or a closing date that exceeds the minimum ten-day period and will so indicate in the announcement.

Submitting Applications
Applications and all supporting documents must be submitted by the closing date for receiving applications stated in the announcement.

Electronic applications may be accessed above or by coming to City Hall and using the computer stations inside the Water Department.

Applications will be submitted directly to Human Resources. Applications may be rejected if incomplete or if supporting documentation is not submitted as required by the closing date listed.

Position Interest Cards

Job seekers can fill out a 'position interest card' to receive an email notification each time a position opens with the City of Enterprise for the categories chosen.

To fill out a card, click here