• Water Piping
  • Water Building
  • Two Men Pulling on Equipment
  • Trucks Parked on Dirt Lot
  • Truck Parked Next to Water Line
  • Red Dirt and White Building
  • Pipe Dug out of Ground
  • Men Working on Water Pump
  • Men Working on Water Pipes
  • Man Working on Pipes in Ground
  • Man with Trailer Next to Building
  • Man Using Digging Equipment
  • Man Standing Next to Water Pump
  • Man Sitting in Dirt Over Water Pipe
  • Man Putting Pipe Under Ground
  • Man Putting Pipe in Ground
  • Man Digging for Pipes
  • Man Checking on Pipe in Ground
  • Industrial Power Equipment
  • Holes for Pipes Being Dug
  • Gray Well
  • Digging Out Water Pipes
  • Digging Holes for Pipes
  • Digging for Pipes
  • Digging Equipment
  • Crane with Water Pipe
  • Crane Next to Well
  • Big Water Pipe on Grass
  • Water Well
  • Water Transmission Mains
  • Water System Equipment
  • Water Pump Equipment

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